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Relakstyle is the complete Relaxation Aroma-Lymphatic Massage, Facial & Body care salon.

Relakstyle will provide you with quality to a rejuvenation and relaxation therapy.

You will feel the difference to a low-cost other massage/foot-reflexology place.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage 

* Increases circulation of lymphatic systems  

* Helps drain out toxins (Detoxification)  

* Strengthen immune functions  

* Releases stress in both body and mind  

* Eliminates water retention/Relieves swollen legs

* Helps reduce appearance of cellulite  

* Adjusts blood pressure  

* Relieves muscular tension and stiffness  

* Reduce allergy symptoms  

* Reduce depression and anxiety  

* Increases joint flexibility  

* Relief from constipation  

* Rejuvenation, Relaxation .... And More !!

Massage Menu

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Aroma-Lymphatic Massage
$65 / 60min     

Relakstyle most basic & popular lymphatic massage treatment. 

This is a whole-body aroma lymphatic massage 

With gentle, long and soothing strokes that stimulate circulation of lymphatic drain.

And promotes detox while giving you deep relaxation.   Recommended for your first timers. 

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Aroma-Lymphatic Massage
$80 / 80min 

If you want add more minutes or extra treatment form Relakstyle Basic 60mins whole lymphatic massage.  

You can enjoy full 80 mins whole body lymphatic massage, OR choose extra “mini” essentials from the below: 

*Eye head release, * Neck to shoulder (Includes décolleté) with hot stone, *leg ‘n foot relaxes, *Happy belly (women only) or *mini reiki with chakra rebalance.

Signature Lymphatic Facial
with skin care
$85 / 75min  

Facial treatment & Skincare with head–shoulder (Arms too) lymphatic massage. 

*3 steps skin care makes you look younger after relaxation facial treatment.

Deep cleansing with warm mist – exfoliation with enzyme mask – skin condition diagnosis

1st step serum with ionic treatment. - Lymphatic Massage with hot stone

(Face - neck & shoulder/décolleté) – 2nd  step serum apply – Facial Mask with customize condition

3rd  step serum – toning & moisturizer / Sun screen apply

Relakstyle’s signature facial has everything what you want! You must try!

Premium Anti-aging Facial
$100 / 90 min  

In addition to Signature Facial with Le Mieux premium facial mask & LED Light therapy.

And RF(Radio Frequency) with Hyaluronic Serum for Lift up & extra Anti-aging care.

Amazing result only after one treatment.

(Women Only)

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Hot Stone Massage 
(Winter time only)
$100 / 90 min

You may know hot stone massage is famous treatment in luxury spa.

Relakstyle’s signature hot stone massage is a level above that!!   Its combined with whole body lymphatic massage with heated stones. Promotes extra detoxing and rejuvenation.

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Aroma Lymphatic Combination   $145 / approx.  150 min

Both Whole body 80min Lymphatic massagege and signature Facial included. Perfect treat for your self on special day. (Women Only)

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Ultimate Lymphatic Massage
$85 / 80min

In addition to our Basic aroma-lymphatic massage, this session provides EMS* and Cupping drainage treatment for back area. (*EMS = Electric Muscle Stimulation system) 

Recommended for people with very stiff shoulders and back but prefer painless method.

Also ideal for athletes and muscle pain post exercise.

“Mini” Aroma Lymphatic Combination
$110 / approx. 2Hr

Whole back lymphatic massage (30min /back only) and Signature Facial Skincare (Include Massage for Both Arm, Neck & Shoulder) treatment. (Women Only)

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Pregnancy massage image2.jpg
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Prenatal Lymphatic Massage 
(Pregnancy Massage)
$80 / 70min

This Lymphatic massage is performed on side-lying position with certified organic jojoba oil.

It helps alleviate discomfort due to many body changes during pregnancy.

Treatment includes 15 mins lymphatic-boots (short) which is great for reduce swollen legs.

Recommended for second and third trimester, A must after 14weeks of pregnancy.

Great for post-pregnancy mama too

Optional Menu

You can customize/Upgrade to your treatment by adding these options. 


  • RF (Radio Frequency) with Hyaluronic Serum for Lift up & Anti-aging care   $15  

  • Le Mieux’s Special mask with LED light care   $15 

  • Lymphatic Air-compression Boots / Under Knee    $10    

  • Lymphatic Air-compression Boots / whole leg boots + Sliming-heat gel wrap   $20 

  • Aroma-foot bath  with your favorite aroma oils  $10

*Gift certificate Available*

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